Hey, have you just searched ¡°Cerita Lucah 2012¡± in google?? Gotcha!

Cerita Lucah means adult story in Bahasa Melayu (Malay language).

In an analytics report, the search term cerita lucah 2011 in year 2011 was the no.1 searched phrase on google. It shows probably there are new comers daily who wanted to become the salves in the adult industry. The trend of the term cerita lucah 2012 and other related phrases believed will continue to lead.

Who searched cerita lucah 2012 most?

1. Pahang

2. Sarawak

3. Terengganu

4. Kedah

5. Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

6. Negeri Sembilan

7. Melaka

8. Perak

9. Johor

10. Sabah

The statistic (graph) shows in the month of December, the search volume increased most. That make sense because of the appendix ¡°year¡± added along with the phrase.

The internet adult censorship by our government obviously there are no effective steps yet to stop / block such these low quality web contents. The only service is the ¡®web filter¡¯ add-on which provided by the TM. That paid service is a type of paid parental control add-on, to ensure children are block from negative internet content. However some of the users do not want to pay extra for this utility.

Cerita Lucah 2012? Stop searching it :p


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